Hope and Glory Foundation was created after a visit to Nicaragua. Seeing children living in land fills waiting for the fresh trash and see what they can find to eat. It broke my heart. We have to make a difference.

Our mission is our name. Hope is to restore the hope of the people and how there is a different future waiting on them. Glory giving all the glory to God and establishing TheLordship Of Christ.

It is through your support that allows us to make a difference. Join us today!

Tim Roberts

Hope and Glory Foundation

Co-Founder and President

Letter from the President

Our founder


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mission & vision

As an Agent Communities Transformer you can provide care for a child or a family. Make a difference today!

Foundation History


Our vision is to identify leaders within the communities, train them and provide them with the resources to develop sustainable programs for impoverished communities. While we carry it out, our mission is to be focused on spiritual care, nutrition and education of children who, in the future, will be in charge of maintaining active the programs we have developed


  1. 2011-We traveled to recognize the place where we are developing our first program 
  2. 2014- August 11-17 went to Nicaragua. ​God touched my heart to do something about starvation and poverty.
  3. 2014 -October 6. Hope and Glory Foundation Inc. was formed.
  4. 2014 -October 14 Hope and Glory Foundation Inc. held it first meeting. Discussed our first project and how to raise money for it.​