Zoraida Roberts

Projects Coordinator

and Co-Founder

Our Mission

  • Feeding people in Homestead, Florida
  • Feeding Children in Nicaragua
  • Raising Funds for the Amputation Medical Assistance Program 
  • Team-building with other corporations
  • Annual Gala to raise funds.
  • ​​A team to build an Elementary and High School 


We are developing feeding programs to alleviate hunger to many children.

Hope and Glory was created with the purpose of mitigating the needs of many children without opportunities, whom feel they have no HOPE because of the harshness that life has treated  them.

Meet Our Team

Aura Paola Roberts

Director of Creativity and Arts

​​​Writing a different history

Together we can give back the HOPE to the kids whom need  Amputation Medical Assistance  They are waiting for you.

Join Us

We can not ignore the needs of others


Tim Roberts

Co-Founder and President

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Isaiah Felipe

Internet whiz kid and Director of Outreach.

Find your inner power by helping  others

 We want to restore the HOPE in the people and give the GLORY to God. We can not ignore the spiritual and natural needs of others. It is for them we are developing different programs to alleviate the needs in them.  

*Prosthetic's Program

*Feeding Programs 

*Education Program and School Building 

The integral formation of the children is a commitment and we take it seriously. We consider it necessary to mention that all these programs are accompanied by an important care of the identity of the children through the spiritual fatherhood and 

Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of your prayers, money and time.